Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stitched card

        This is my first stitched card. I found this pattern here . Best thing to do would be to print out the pattern and then prick the card stock and then stitch, but since my printer ran out of ink at the last minute, I drew one butterfly and I have used it on all four sides . Very difficult and not perfect, since this is the simplest of stitches( a series of long stitches) I managed to complete this card.

       I wanted to translate my oil painting of blue morpho butterfly into quilling but alas it ended up looking like glass painting. 

       Too many experiments with this card. I always wanted to try stitching on cards . Regina's challenge No 7  inspired me to try. Hope to use more embroidery in my cards in future.


Creativek(shraddha) said...

Suganthi your butterfly card is just wonderful...I love it!The stitched butterflies are sooooo beautiful and delicate...and please I would love to see your oil painting if possible :-)

viji said...

Your butterflies are very pretty dear.
The stitched one and the other one in centre. I thought it is glass colour. Then realized it quilling. Nice work dear. Keep doing.

Philippa said...

Great stitching, Suganthi - and I love the butterfly. Your cards looks great.

kavitha said...

very beautiful,love the stitched butterflies:)P

Regina said...

Suganthi!!! Absolutely amazing !!! I also love embroidery and quilling together. I know you had so much work on it but it´s adorable.

Allycat said...

You never cease to amaze me! This card is beautiful and I love the colours. xx

Sudha said...

Beautiful work dear.