Saturday, February 6, 2010

valentine's day box

Cut out  a heart shape from a thick cardboard paper for the inner box. Cut out a strip of thick chart paper and stick it along the edge of the heart shape, this will be the side of the box.

Next cut strips of thin white paper of width about a centimeter more than the height of the box(tissue paper or newspaper will also do) ..Mix glue with water and stick the thin strip along the sides of the box all the while
sticking over the edge of the card board and the joint between the base and the side . Apply glue (mixed with water )with a brush over the strips as you stick. Stick as many strips as you think is required all around so that the edges are covered so also the joint at the base.The paper and the glue together will make the box strong.

Now let it dry and then decorate with wrapping paper or colour paper.( I have used white chart paper for the sides and a gold colour paper that I have cut out from a old wedding card, on the inside of the inner box and the top of the outer box)..
Follow the same for the outer box .Obviously the size of the heart for the outer box should be a little bit more, for the  inner and the outer box to fit.

I have decorated the outer box with a quilled flower.
I think it will be a wonderful valentine's day gift.


kavitha said...

this is awesome yaar,thanks for participating:)

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SUGANTHI said...

thank you Akhil.

viji said...

pretty one and i like it.