Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Quilled Lions club international logo


        This is one of my most challenging projects so far. I was asked to make a Quilled version of the Lion's club international logo to be gifted to a Lions club Governor.The piece is 10 X 10 inches . I worked on a printed version of the logo and since the design was readily available I did not think it would be difficult but as I progressed  ,I struggled to keep up with the actual printed version.
        I spent an entire day making the words 'INTERNATIONAL' I tried a whole lot of techniques and finally stuck a whole lot of strips together and used them.
       In the Lions club logo the lions are not symmetrical . Their expressions and shapes are different, it took me many hours of trials to finish the first face which is the right side one . The left one then followed on the same lines. I am happy the way the eyes turned out which is one of the most important element of the face. I used 5mm strips for the whole project. expect for the tongue for which I used 3mm strips. I did my very best to make the Quilled version as much close to the original design as I could.
       Thanks for stopping by , Have a creative day.


Sathya said...

No doubt your dedication, perseverence, perfection shown through this piece of art!!!
Yup!!! Lion is just roaring!!!
Way to go deary!!! You will go places for sure!! Big Hugs from me!
Thanks from my end to the generous heart who passed this offer to you!!

Мария said...

Awesome creation! Admirations to your stunning work!

Angelin said...

Amazing and Awesome suganthi !

Shivani Singh said...

Wow! This is so detailed and this project shows so much of determination and patience....loved it dear!!

Ann Martin said...

Absolutely phenomenal work, Suganthi - what an accomplishment!

Raji Venkatesan said...

Excellent, Fabulous and perfect.

Eliza Art said...

Perfect execution. Bravo. I admire the logo is beautiful. Best regards

Anastasia Wahalatantiri said...

As a member of the Lions Movement, I admire this great quilling of yours Sugandie. As a quiller I can imagine what it is to create this in quilling. I only hope the Governor realises what a precious gift he has received

DreaMe said...

It is fabulous,Suganthi! Bravooooo

Anonymous said...

Hi Suganthi,
I love the way you quill intricate details in your projects. Especially, the way you use beehive quilling technique..I have recently started quilling and frequently visit your blog for ideas and inspirations.

Keep quilling.. Keep inspiring dear...

Marfa Otano said...

Wow!!!! This piece is so perfect that when I first looked at it I thought that you were showing us the photo of the item that you were planning to quill. I had to look twice to see that it WAS the finished work. You are amazing!

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Dr Sonia S V said...

What an amazing words to are so gifted Suganthi!!
Dr Sonia
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Nati said...


lalitroyni said...

Very Nice...Lions Clubs India

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