Thursday, June 10, 2010

quilling style

      I made this card for my dear friend Lakshmi Rani, A bunch of flowers always makes a good gift.
      This particular style of quilling is that of Cecelia Louie's . I first saw her work in all things paper , and ever since wanted to try it out. Initially I found it difficult but later on I got the hang of it but, with a nagging suspicion that there must be an easier way.
      I am a huge admirer of Cecelia's work, her work looks simple but so effective. For this card I have entirely used quilling paper. For me quilling paper is something precious, and so I hardly use it :). That's another plus with this style of quilling not much paper get used.


Manasa said...

Hey, beautifully made :) Loved it...u made it exactly to look like hers :)

Why do u say that quilling paper is precious ? Dont u use it always ?

SUGANTHI said...

Thank you so much Manasa! I usually cut my strips out of colour paper , chart paper or even scrapbook paper.

Ann Martin said...

Very pretty, you did Cecelia proud, I'm sure!

kavitha said...

nice n colorfull:)

Unknown said...

that was a really lovely gift my mom ever got aunty!! good work.. very colourful and neat.. :)

Unknown said...

Lovely combination of colors..its just soothes one's eyes...Keep up the good work!